Online Roulette is the Casino Game of Choice for Console Players

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Online Roulette is the Casino Game of Choice for Console Players

Online Casino Roulette is the Most Favoured Game Amongst Gamers

Gamer like to take a Spin

Following a study into gaming addiction to learn about the mindset of the ‘average’ video player, the IQC Magazine added into their questionnaire if the player partakes in any form of gambling and if so what game they play. The results showed a 68% favor of gambling with 87% preferring to play online Roulette.

Admittedly, we were stunned to learn of this news, one that gamers would find the time to branch into other areas of gaming and two that they would opt for Roulette over online slot machines. So how do these two very different worlds meet?

To begin our investigative work we contacted, an online casino comparison site that solely deals with providing the best online casinos which offer Roulette and casino bonuses to use once they join as a member. This was the outcome of our query into how gamers and the Roulette game became an odd match made in casino heaven.

Player 1 Pick a Number 0-36

When it comes to online gambling there are two obvious games to play for newcomers and this is the slots and Roulette, the reason being is that there is no need for skill or understanding, at most you pick a wager amount and click a button to spin. Now in the realms of Roulette, the game has more allure because of it being a classic casino floor filler, so this for new players carries more appeal over, say poker, where players would need to understand the concept of what hands work and which is the more powerful hand to win and so on. So when it comes to entering the casino floor Roulette is a more simpler game to play, you have a table, chips to bet with and you have numbers to guess where the ball will land, easy, quick and very simple to play and this is the very reason why, when it comes to playing a classic casino game Roulette comes out as favorite and why the slots where second.

Player 2 Pick your Roulette Numbers

The appeal of casino playing is understandable, the results of the survey can suggest a number of things. Gamers looking for a break and looking for success in other avenues to, perhaps, blow off some steam. Taking a different game approach to fund their natural gaming habit when it comes to buying and downloading new games and updating their accessories. Roulette is the third best game to play for odds, is this the intuitive decision making of the gamer and because blackjack and craps on the surface of the game it looks far more complex to play therefore the natural choice would be to play Roulette.

All of these could just be chance, playing in an online casino is easily accessible as any video game or movie download from the internet. We found this fascinating though, so the question is, where do you stand when it comes to online casinos and which game would you favor or play?

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