The Near Future Of Augmented Reality Casino Games

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The Near Future Of Augmented Reality Casino Games

Future Of AR Casino Games

AR, or augmented reality, is a relatively new and impressive technology. The idea of AR is that a computer can inject digital images onto a view of the world, creating an extremely immersive and engaging experience. For example; a person may look at their empty desk, and have a computer insert digital objects onto the desk. These objects may even be interacted with, using special remote controllers, or even gloves. The image themselves are viewed via a headset, goggles, or glasses.

Currently AR technology is still very much in it’s infancy, largely in the experimental stages. But, AR technology is on the near horizon, and already plans exist to release a wave of AR headsets in the future. Such technology will be perfect for work-based environments, helping business people be more productive, but the potential also exists to create incredibly immersive games. Specifically; very immersive casino games.

AR Casino Game Concepts

Imagine sitting at your living room table, wanting to visit a casino. You could grab your car keys and head off to the local casino, go online and access a site like River Belle Casino, or simply put on a pair of AR goggles and bring the casino to you. AR is capable of inserting a roulette wheel onto your living room table, and even a casino croupier to operate the game. It sounds like some sort of science fiction future, but will soon be possible with AR technology. At present, in its early stages, there are no AR devices capable of doing such a thing, but it really is only a matter of time.

Developers are already speculating that such a setup would be possible with multiple pairs of AR headsets, meaning that you, and all the friends logged into the system, would see the same virtual roulette wheel, and could engage in the same game., meaning that you could throw a roulette parts at your house, and never have to even bring a real roulette wheel.

The same could conceivably be be done for any casino game, and an equally impressive display be created. And yes, all the games could indeed be played for real money.

AR Casino Incoming

As already said, a wave of AR headsets is planned for the near future, and although the initial wave will likely be limited in it’s use, the above-mentioned scenarios are already being planned. Based on the success of the first headsets, digital roulette wheels and croupiers may well be available in just a few months to a year.

If you are looking to be an early adopter of AR technology, simply do a bit of Googling and get the lowdown on when AR is set to hit the stores, and see what requirements are needed to make an AR headset work with your home computer. Remember, a fairly powerful computer will likely be needed to make AR function correctly.

In the meantime, before the AR future sweeps in and changes the way we all enjoy casino games, we’ll all have to settle for standard online casino games, which are already extremely impressive.

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