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What you need to know about GPU coolers

There’s a slew of factors to consider, after all: GPU clock, memory capacity, size and price, just to name a few. A pair of GTX 1080 reference blowers are the pixel pushers in this micro-ATX X99 system. Blower designs are also a good idea if you’re looking to employ SLI or Crossfire. I should also note that Nvidia is calling their reference blower design the “Founders Edition” for the GTX 1000 series of video cards. With the Maxwell/GTX 900 series, Nvidia’s reference blowers were often cheaper t

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Microgaming software

For a considerable period of time name of Microgaming software is associated with highest quality standards. Hardly can anyone find a gambler who never played their slot machines or table games. They produce casino games which can satisfy any taste - different themes, bright and clear graphics, attractive bonuses and beneficial features make their products [...]

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