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MonsterMMORPG incoming new maps – Awesome quality

Alright people. F2P Browser MMORPG game MonsterMMORPG is working very hard to provide you a better gaming experience. We are working on new monsters, maps and other cool new stuff. I will release the new map images as they are done. The images below are the ones completed so far. They are not available in the game yet but hopefully they will be soon available along with the new awesome monsters.


Lets see the so far completed maps. Please click on them to see full size or you can visit NewMaps link for seeing full size


[Image: 001-TOWN 000.PNG] [Image: 002-route1 (NEWGRASS).PNG] [Image: 003-route2(NEWGRASS).PNG] [Image: 004-route3(NEWGRASS).PNG] [Image: 005-route4(NEWGRASS).PNG] [Image: 006-route5.PNG] [Image: 007-TOWN2ZONE1.PNG] [Image: 008-route6.PNG] [Image: 009-route7.PNG] [Image: 010-route8.PNG] [Image: 011-tOWN3.PNG] [Image: 012-route9.PNG] [Image: 013-route10.PNG] [Image: 014-route11.PNG] [Image: 015-route12.PNG] [Image: 016-route13.PNG] [Image: 017-route14.PNG] [Image: 018-route15.PNG] [Image: 019-route16.PNG] [Image: 020-city-NORMAL-MM.PNG] [Image: 021-route17.PNG] [Image: 022-route18.PNG] [Image: 023-route19.PNG] [Image: 024-route20.PNG] [Image: 025-TOWN.PNG] [Image: 026-route21.PNG] [Image: 027-route22.PNG] [Image: 028-route23.PNG] [Image: 028-route24.PNG] [Image: 029-route25.PNG] [Image: 030-route26.PNG] [Image: 031-TOWN.PNG] [Image: 032-route27.PNG] [Image: 033-route28.PNG] [Image: 034-route29.PNG] [Image: 035-route30.PNG] [Image: 036-TOWN.PNG] [Image: 037-route31.PNG] [Image: 038-route32.PNG] [Image: 039-route33.PNG] [Image: 040-route34.PNG] [Image: 041-CITY.PNG] [Image: 042-route35.PNG] [Image: 043-route36.PNG] [Image: 044-route37.PNG] [Image: 045-route38.PNG] [Image: 046-route39.PNG] [Image: 047-route40.PNG] [Image: 048-TOWN.PNG] [Image: 049-route41.PNG] [Image: 050-route42.PNG] [Image: 051-route43.PNG] [Image: 052-route44.PNG] [Image: 053-TOWN.PNG] [Image: 054-route45.PNG] [Image: 055-route46.PNG] [Image: 056-route47.PNG] [Image: 057-TOWN.PNG] [Image: 058-route48.PNG] [Image: 059-route49.PNG] [Image: 060-route50.PNG] [Image: 061-route51.PNG] [Image: 062-route52.PNG] [Image: 063-CITY.PNG] [Image: 064-route53.PNG] [Image: 065-route54.PNG] [Image: FIRSTGYM.PNG]

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