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Chronicles of Merlin Version 1.3 Info Leaked!

We have word from an unnamed source within the Chronicles of Merlin program that the new version is to be released this month! Chronicles of Merlin is one of the largest and most played Free to Play browser based RTS/MMO’s out there. With this upcoming version it is sure to make the game even better.

The biggest and best part of this update is the new Kingdom War where players have many new maps opened up to them. This Kingdom War involves 3 days of PVE and 1 final day of PVP. The PVE is single player based and players can earn a lot of great items including certain ‘stones which are used for upgrading Gear in another new system.

Enhancing gear is another system that has been unleashed. You use these stones from the Kingdom War to upgrade your weapons even further, in combination with the system that is already in place we are sure to see some epic players. You will need those to defeat the new Heroes.

As with every update we are sure to see a new map and 2~3 new Heroes, our source was reluctant to pass along this information. But we are definitely excited about the chance for a new map, new Heroes, and new gear!

For those unfamiliar this MMO/RTS takes place in the land of Westmore, where you fight and use both fictional and non-fictional Heroes of Europe. It contains both single player and massive PVE and PVP. Get started on your account now to take advantage of all these new features. You can play it on face book or directly from their website.


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