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Google Latitude for iPhone finally approved by Apple Application Store

Apple finally granted passage of Google Latitude into the iPhone realm. Google Latitude for Android was in use since early 2009. Back then, Google said an Apple application was coming soon. Google stated there have been nine million users of the app when it announced Google Latitude for iPhone, a number that is being questioned. Ideally the application will not cost lots of cash so consumers who would like to utilize it will not have to take out a cash till payday for it. Source for this article – Google Latitude for iPhone finally approved by Apple App Store.

Google’s Latitude location-sharing app

Google Latitude is nice for many people who want to let individuals know where they are. When carrying your smartphone, your friends and family can track your every move. Users can, at any moment, share on Google Maps where they are with the free app. Knowing who is close enough to meet easily without having to call can be figured out by fellow Google Latitude users. Google states Google Latitude is 100 percent opt-in. Often, you just want to stop using your smartphone and conceal your location. All you have to do is turn off Latitude’s background updating. Privacy settings allow sharing at a city-only level if the exact address is just a little too intimate. Signing out puts you under the radar.

Making Latitude permitted with Apple

Google Latitude has been accessible for Android since February 2009. The multitasking needed to support background updating was not something the Apple iOS could support. Due to iPhone’s native Maps application, the Apple App Store at first rejected the Google Latitude application. The just-approved Google Latitude for iPhone was re-engineered for iOS 4, which includes multitasking. To use the app needs iOS 4 or newer on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4.

Foursquare not used nearly as much as Latitude from Google

Google made its announcement that Google Latitude would be available on the iPhone. It said that about nine million people were using the app actively already. That’s about twice as many users as the popular location-sharing app Foursquare. Google may be including the Maps application on every Android phone when saying you will find nine million active users of Latitude, states TechCrunch. Some users don’t even know they’re using Latitude. Google nevertheless boasts about it. Users might not even realize it’s giving away their each and every move as it’s running within the background.

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