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Archlord Webzen Presents – Dragonscion ep8


Archlord is a unique F2P game, which is specialized in PVP system contents. The game not only provides various player-versus-player contents, but also includes a guild-versus-guild battle and race-versus-race massive war system. Play Archlord with multiple language clients, with thousands of players across the world. There will always be excitement in the chantra world with continuous new events and contents.


WEBZEN Inc. announced today the update of the new race DragonScion known as the children of the great dragon Mightthesis for Archlord. The update of this hybrid type new race DragonScion will bring 4 new classes to the game. Starting from a class Scion, when reaching level 20, players will face the challenging decision of which advanced class to pursue and master. By the evolution system players can choose among four classes Scion, Slayer, Summoner, or Orbiter.

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