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The way of Build in NeoSteam

Mytheon: Sharp Eyes is the first and only exclusive party skill that Archers obtain. It allows any class to perform critical hits, and boosts the effects of Critical already owned by other classes. It should be noted that Sharp Eyes adds not the percentage that is displayed in the skill description, but that and an additional 100% for every character class except Magicians. The percent chance of a critical activating stacks with any current percent chance activation that may exist. For example, Level(NeoSteam Gold) 1 Sharp Eyes gives 41% chance to activate a critical on a Bowman, and each skill gets 211% Damage.

Common points to all Marksman builds in Mytheon:

1 Frostprey and 2 Sharp Eyes are both obtained at 120 due to SE’s significant boost to damage, and Frostprey’s total dominance over Eagle. 1 point in Marksman Boost is obtained the level after, as level 1 SE has an infuriatingly short timer but yields a substantial increase in all attacking skills damage for only one point. Level 9 SE is a standard expectation of 4th job bowmen, as the timer is at a decent length and adds a decent additional activation rate. Zakum runners in GMS expect level 9 NeoSteam Online Gold, and participating on Zakum runs allows a player to build up funds to purchase other mastery books.

The last 3 points of mastery only add one attack and zero mastery %, so these three points are better spent in SE or MW, as each add more damage than 1 atk point will. The 3 final points in expert can be added afterwards. 1 point is usually gotten in Snipe early on, for fun. In stark contrast to Bowmaster builds, Marksmen builds have a fairly low priority for Mastery, with the focus being on Snipe, NeoSteam Gold, and SE. Snipe, SE, and to some extent Marksman Boost help most with bossing, while Pierce, Marksman Boost, and SE help most with training. Nomatter your build, be prepared to stick to it.

Specialty builds do not work as well during 4th job as ones during 1st or 2nd. People level(NeoSteam Gold) too slow, training spots are limited, and most become focused on becoming as strong as they can so as to compete with their peers, people they have run into time and again. A surprising number of 4th jobbers are poor, and have very little money to fall back on if they fail bought mastery books. Your peers in this stage of MS will not only be interested in your equips, but also your skill build.


Thrust is a skill that passively gives NeoSteam Gold to a bowmen. Most bowmen prefer to put points in thrust last, and only a few points are put into it. However if one were to put a sufficient amount of points into Thrust it would allow them to wear Attack Capes, or Defensive Purpose Capes without any reduction in speed. A person who also decides to put a decent amount of points into Thrust has larger choice of bows to choose from since they do not necessarily need to look for a bow that gives them NeoSteam Online Goldin speed.
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