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So I played a little bit of FFXIV beta on Saturday. I had a ton of video card issues though. If anyone has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870, they might run into some issues with this game if the settings are all on high/max. I’m sure they will be fixed but your best bet is to remember the default settings of the game because once you begin changing the game’s configuration, you cannot reset them.

This time I decided to delete my characters and start over because I had so many issues with the quests not being active after my laptop crashed from the video settings and so forth. A friend who is also in the beta did not experience these problems though after he logged out of the game and logged back in so it may be circumstantial.

So I played the Lalafell for a little bit. I love that character. I was going to play the Miqo’te but I don’t feel like she has as much *character* as the Lalafell does.


Questing was a bit different in this game than the other mmo’s I’ve played. Many games have adapted the concepts of WoW by putting an alert of some sort over the NPC’s head to indicate that they have a quest but this isn’t the case in this game. If you want to do anything in this game, you have to speak with the NPC… all of them… to find out what each one does. This holds a true rpg element by allowing the player to search through the environment and talk to NPC’s to “learn” different things. Therefore, this isn’t a grab and run type of game. There are NPCs all over the city that do and say different things from giving quests to selling items. In other words, it’s a little more complex and time consuming but once you’re familiar with the basics, you’ll know what to do.

If you notice an exclamation point at the top-middle of the screen, go to the menu and select the newest option available. Usually this indicates that this is an alert that will have something that is actionable. For example, if you are next to one of those giant crystals, you’ll see the exclamation point because this allows the user to activate their quests and so forth. Therefore, simply picking up the quest doesn’t mean that you can go out there and start killing boars. You have to visit the crystal and select the quests you want to work on. Also note that there is a time frame (the beginner quests give you 30 minutes) to complete your quests.

Redeeming your quests

When you’ve completed your quest, do not go running back to the crystal to redeem it. A beam of light will shine on a nearby area and it provides you with different options. One was to collect your reward, another was to return to the crystal and another was to think about it… what’s to think about? I want my reward! Then I teleport back to the crystal if I like. What a weird system.

Make use of the map

I ran around the city for some time just trying to figure it out. Let me tell you, I got lost maybe 5 times before I got a little dizzy and almost passed out on my keyboard. Every now and then I vouched to take the elevator. And closed doors does not mean you cannot enter the room! Wow! What a concept! Anyway, the city is immense!!! I’d say there needs to be “you are here” signs but you do have a map of the city. Lot’s o’ runnin’ about.

Retainer characters

When I tried out the Miqo’te, I had the option to get a retainer. This is a type of character that is like a bank. I’m not sure why I wasn’t able to do this as a Lalafell but anyway… you get to choose what they look like from a randomly generated selection. Each time you talk to the NPC that gives you this, the selection changes.

Final thoughts

So far this game is actually kinda fun when you get to the questing. It’s different and somewhat unique. So it’s definitely a learning experience about how to play this game. However, I think they should add a video tutorial like other games sometimes do because I really felt like I needed some guidance. This might not be true for people who already have played FFXI but as a FF online noob, I felt like I needed something.

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