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My Top 5 recommended F2P MMORPGs

Dungeons and Dragons

My first on the list is Dungeons and Dragons online this game caters to much older and much serious players that is looking for one hell of a time. All role-players are welcome and definitely will feel at home here.

As for the graphics of the game I’ll give out 9/10, the missing 1 point is for character skills graphics which IMO has no impact compared to other games out there. But they made it up for the enormous environment, gears (characters armor and weapons), NPC designs, and all of the details they put in the game.

I prefer solo grinding game play rather than the party system, I do have fun playing with other players and getting stronger together but sometimes you can’t stop encountering some uncooperative players during your raids. That’s what gets me sometimes to stop playing other mmorpgs. Anyway DDO is still one of my Top 5 F2P MMORPGs.

DDO Gameplay

RF Online

Second game that I will recommend is RF Online (Rising Force Online), for me this game is the PVP (Player vs. Player)heaven. Here you will encounter different kind of PKers(Player Killer), from newbie PKers to War Hunger Pkers. The War PVP system is great and it’s really fun to go all out with your skills. For me this game is the WW (World War) 1 and 2 of online gaming. But you really must have a very fast internet speed to participate properly in their “Chip War”.

Graphics is half SCI-FI and Fantasy themed, you will encounter lots of mechs, elves, huge guns and swords, and skill/character animation details matches the war theme of the game.

The downside of this game is that it’s hard farm the in-game money to purchase strong gears. As I have mentioned also earlier that I prefer grinding alone, having a party to grind is a must and also for protection from other race’s PKers. My advice when playing this game is always keep your eyes peeled for trouble or else you will pawned in an instant.


RF Online Gameplay

Perfect World

This game is for those who love to customize every detail of their character physical appearance. I recommend this game to you. This is a fantasy mmorpg with a little touch of Asian culture in it. You will have fun exploring the maps with your flying mount or wings, you will also able to have aerial battles as well.

The graphics are a bit old compared to the games that are released this year but it has its uniqueness to it. You will easily get lost here because of the environment being too large; it’s hard sometimes to find your quest’s objective. Overall graphics are easy on the eyes and beautiful at the same time but you will sometimes get the feel of déjà vu.

You can choose to grind alone or with a party (but it’s better to do it with a party if you want level faster). There are too many quests that the NPC has to offer and as I have mentioned you can get lost easily here. Level grinding is really hard here and but it’s worth it if you really want to get into the game.


Perfect World Gameplay

Atlantica Online

One of my favorites actually, Atlantica Online is a strategic turned based game play (like FF7, Suikoden, etc… in consoles). Atlantica Online offers a different gaming experience and is very newbie friendly game. The world here is almost like our real world. You will be able to travel the world here; you can go visit America, Europe, Asia, etc…

 The environments are well designed and detailed, and of course if you visit china you will see lots of temples and mountains and if you visit Europe you will encounter castles and other stuffs as well. They incorporated different cultural designs for different countries in this game.

You will be able to customize the equipments and skills of each of your party members (they call this the mercenary system). I think the maximum characters that you can put in your group is 8(+1 for your main character and that makes it 9). Each mercenary has a different job class; it depends on the player’s strategy on what kind of mercenary he/she wants to recruit to make his group performs better. The game has an auto travel system which you can just click it and your character will journey on his own until he reach his destination. What I like about this game is that it really helps the newbie, beside the game is to play they have this apprentice system where high leveled player have the choice to have an apprentice. This game still has lots of content and you will definitely have a great time.


Atlantica online Gameplay


One of the cutest game I ever encountered and is catered to all ages, not like you typical mmorpgs its part RPG and “beat em up” games. If you like to smash buttons in your console games, this game will suit your taste.

Did I mention that this game is cute? Hehehe…  That is all I can say about it. See the video and it will explain itself.

Like megaman and metal slugs, you will play the game in side view camera angle. IMO they should have an option to change the camera angle into third person, 360 degree (rotatable), and first person to get to feel the action a little bit more. Players will have loads of fun solo or in party and doing all the missions the games has to offer. There is also a PVP system for those blood thirsty players and a guild war system called Emporia.


Dragonica online Gameplay


Well that is my top 5 recommended F2P MMORPGs hope you like it.  All comments are welcome whether it’s good or bad. BTW this only my 3rd time to post a blog, so I need all the comments I needed to improve it.


View my blogsite for the whole videos of the recommended MMORPGs



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