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Great Wii Games You Should Try

Nintendo Wii is definitely one of the most
successful video game consoles ever made. The games are really great and once
they were launched they quickly turned into best sellers. The advantage of
these games is that they incorporate motion and they bring the family together.
There are both single player modes and multiplayer modes.

One of the games that sold best is the Wii
Fit Plus
. This game gives you the possibility to highly customize the
background and to do a great workout. You can select 20, 30 or even 40 minute
workouts, depending on what you like. The board and the other accessories are
helping you create a very realistic mode of gameplay. The typical workout is
replaced by a very interesting experience and there are many accessories that
you can easily use.

You can also try the Super Mario
game. This one has lovely characters and you can play with up to 3
players each time. The features will really draw you into the action and
shaking the remote will soon become second nature to you.

Another great game that you may like is The
Legend of Zelda – Spirit Tracks
. The game has a character named Link that
solves missions and many puzzles. A phantom is its company and there are many
puzzles to be solved. Kids of all ages seem to like this game a lot.

Wii Sports Resort offers you the
ability to play a sport but in a very funny way. You can play different water
sports and even archery. The console has an accelerometer and you will have the
sense of actually being there, in the resort.

Animal Crossing is also loved by
many people. You can build a snowman and also go fishing. A great game for
children is Tatsunoko Vs Capon. You can choose 20 characters and create a huge
team. This is the ultimate challenge.

Big Game Hunter
is for those people
that like to hunt. You can kill various animals and you can do it on different
continents. You will have harsh or mild weather conditions and you will feel
like you are really in danger.

My Sims Agents is a game that will
impress you. People that like The Sims, will love to own one of these. The game
allows you to solve some mysteries and go through a wild adventure.

One last game that you must not miss is the Square or the SpongeBob-Truth game. This has a lot of typical games
and the storyline is fabulous. Puzzle solving is one of the interesting things
in this game.

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