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DIY Sony PSP Joystick Replacement

Do you have problems with the joystick on your
PSP and you lose valuable hours of fun during the weekend because of it? I had
this type of problem on a number of occasions and I had to pay plenty of money
to the service centre to fix it.

Besides the money, I also had days where I couldn’t use the PSP, since it was
being repaired. Here I’ll try to show you how you can repair the PSP without
sending it to Sony.

Fixing/Replacing a Slim Analog Joystick on Your PSP

If you have a slim PSP, you probably know that one of the problems that seem to
plague owners is that the analog joystick breaks. You don’t have to do major
surgery on your PSP to replace it. In most cases, you know that you have
problems with it when the plastic breaks off, it’s stuck moving in only one of
the directions, or when it moves on its own.

Some tools that you should have before starting to fix it are the new analog
joystick for your slim PSP and a few small screwdrivers, either Flathead or
Phillips. The joystick can be bought from, so all you need next is
knowing how to assemble it.

First step

First of all, you need to take off the faceplate from the PSP, which will void
your warranty of the product. To do this, there are 5 screws that need to be
taken off, with the help of the screwdriver with a Phillips head. Pay close
attention while you remove the faceplate, so you don’t lose the five screws by
mistake. The screen doesn’t need to be removed when you take out the stick.

Second step

Next, take out the analog stick from the PSP, while sliding it to your left. If
you need to, wiggle it a bit, so it comes out. The contact that allows the
joystick to communicate with the motherboard is made out of plastic and it’s
circled with green.

Third step

Install the new joystick by doing the opposite from what you did to remove it.

Now that you learned how to fix the analog joystick of your PSP, without
sending it to the service, you will save both time and money when this happens
again, to you, or to your friends.

One option would be to buy broken PSP’s, at a reduced price, fix them by using
this guide and sell them, while getting a profit. It’s a way to make some extra
bucks on the side, without too much effort.

provided by PS3Repairs.Net – PS3
and PS3YLOD.Net – PS3
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