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Cracked PSP LSD Screen – DIY Repair Tips

If your PSP has a cracked LCD screen, and you
need to remove it, below you will find the steps needed to do it. To do it, you
will need the new LCD screen, a small screwdriver with a flat head and a
screwdriver with a Phillips head.

First step

Use the screwdriver with a Phillips head to get
the five screw out of the PSP’s back, so you can take off the faceplate. While
doing this, try not to lose any of the five screws.

Second step

Next, take out the strip that contains the control button, which is placed
under the LCD. To remove it, you need to use a screwdriver with a flat head, so
you can pry the buttons from the LCD casing, which is made out of metal. Use
the sides to pry them open. Once the buttons are out, you need to remove the
cable, which connects the strip of buttons to the Sony Playstation Portable.
The next step is to take out the brown latch, by pulling it towards the power

Third step

Now, remove the metal case, which holds the LCD. Use a screwdriver with a flat
head, and slide it on the sides of the case. Once the case is open, put it with
the face down, since it still has connections to the PSP. Remove the cables, by
pulling up the latches.

Fourth step

Get the metal case out, from around the LCD and the back light. Prying it will
take it out, so use a screwdriver for this purpose. When the LCD is stuck
because of adhesive, pull gently until it’s completely separated.

Fifth step

Separate the back light and the LCD, by using a
screwdriver with a flat head to pry it. Do it slowly, since they’re usually
stuck together.

Sixth step

Finally, do everything I just mentioned in reverse, to put the new LCD on your
PSP. Make sure you take out the protective plastic first though.

All you have to do now is put the back light and
the LCD in its metal case, put back the cables where they belong and insure
that the latches click back into place. Next, you need to put the metal case
back inside the Sony Playstation Portable.

In the end, put back the strip with the control
buttons and make sure the brown latch clicks into place. The strip with the
buttons should click into place, at the bottom of the case of the LCD. Finally,
put all the screws back.

provided by PS3Repairs.Net – PS3
and PS3YLOD.Net – PS3

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