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Race For Estate

Greetings Fiesta Fans, Word has been going around that the new Housing System is right around the corner! However, we need help from everyone in the community and reach 10,000 fans on Facebook by January 31st for it to be released. The link to the fan page is: Me, myself I use the Fiesta [...]

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Fiesta lets player choose!

HTML clipboard Greetings Fiestans! The month of January brings all of our Fiesta players the opportunity to get some of their favorite items back into the store! Participation in this event will also give a chance at a new Permanent Honeying Tank Top. All you need to do to participate is visit the Player's Choice [...]

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Outspark helps donate to HAITI Earthquake Relief Fund!

HTML clipboardFor those of you who have heard of the tragic disaster that that has resulted from the earthquake in HAITI, there's something you can do to help: The recent catastrophic quake that has caused devastating amounts of damage on the island nation of Haiti has touched lives in all corners of the globe, some [...]

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Driver Robot

In our first article, we worked on troubleshooting and resolving driver robot driver driver robot codes 31 to 33. In this article we will focus on driver robot codes 34 to 36. As a refresher, these codes can be viewed in the driver robot Manager.To launch the driver robot Manager utility, open the "Control Panel," [...]

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Ryzom user gives me a helpful hint.

I attacked the Chlorogoo leader with my mace today. Well, I failed and Ryzom was kept in peril. But I asked the users online whether or not they could provide me with any tips. I was reminded that the leader of the Chlorogoos cannot swim and I can use the water to my advantage. I [...]

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