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What can I say about Atlantica Online?


is developed by NDoors Interactive Inc. It is an MMORPG
that has a different style mainly because it is a turn-based strategy game,
very different from other MMORPG’s because other MMORPG’s are hack and slash. Atlantica Online is very unique in many
different ways because in this game you will command a party which is lead by
you main character (The one that you will choose from the very start of the
game) and you can recruit other mercenaries to join your party as you progress
in the game. This game is free-to-play and also has an item mall to help
support players of all levels.


First you have to go to Atlantica Online’s official website which is http://www.atlanticaonline.com. In
Atlantica Online’s website, choose
sign up and start filling up the necessary information to create an account.
After creating an account you are now ready to play the game.


In Atlantica Online there is only one
race to choose from but there are several classes available. The classes are
differentiated by the weapon that they use. These are the available classes, Sword, Spear, Axe, Gun, Bow, Cannon, Staff,
Musician and the latest addition Power Saw.

The skills of your character depends on the weapon that he wields and that
means every weapon has different sets of skills.

The mercenaries are the characters that you hire to join your party, there are
a lot of mercenaries that you can recruit starting from a basic Swordsman to a
very powerful Spartan. The mercenaries that you can recruit vary as the game
progress because some mercenaries can only be hired when you reach a certain level
in the game. These mercenaries are very essential all throughout the game
because these characters help you gain levels and defeat powerful foes. The
mercenaries that you hire can also level up along with your main character and
to make the game more interesting they also have skills and you can equip them
too. The mercenaries available to recruit are Swordsman, Spearman, Viking, Archer, Gunner, Artilleryman, Monk,
Shaman, Beast Trainer, Witch, Princess, Oracle, Prophet, Exorcist, Inventor,
Cannoneer, Lady Knight, Janissary, Spartan, Elementalist, Hwarang, Nina
Paganini, Pirate and Punisher.

There are a lot of quest in Atlantica Online, These quest helps you level up in
game. Completing quests also helps you through the storyline of the game in
uncovering the lost secrets of Atlantis.


– The world map of Atlantica Online
is very huge. The world is based on real places in our world. The locations are
named from the major cities of different countries and this is also a very
unique feature of Atlantica Online
because as you progress in the game you can see different kinds of places, just
like what you see in the real world. The places that you can see in the game
are from different countries in Northeast
Asia, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, North Africa, Southern Europe and
Northern Europe.

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