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Not enough girls in the gaming industry…

Hi there all.

You may call me Violet…or Lynolis…or Lyn….or.. MASTER! (no, I kid, I kid). I’m an avid girl gamer, and not the kind of girl gamer that could APPEAR to be a dude. I am a real girl. I like girly things like True Blood and vampire Eric, 90210, shopping, having my nails done…

But what is my one and only true desire? (Besides vampire Bill, of course)


PC, Xbox, PS3, PSP…you name it, I love it.

I’m not just your average gamer either. I’ve made my mark in the gaming industry; first working as a Game Master for World Of Warcraft. Since then I have gone through a couple of MMO publishers and portals. I am most commonly known in the world of WARRIOR EPIC; a game published by True Games Interactive. If you’re into the Diablo-esque type game (only…FREE TO PLAY) then you should give it a look. It’s not your average Free Fantasy Action MMO….it has a pretty cool spirit system which allows us to adopt the phrase “Death is only the beginning….”

Not only that…I have another title I will be working with and would LOVE for you to check out (yes, YOU!).

True Games and well known developer Petroglyph have teamed up to build a game called Mytheon.

Mytheon offers a unique online game play experience that combines the best elements of the Action-RPG genre with strategic combat and collectability. Players will challenge legendary mythological gods by wielding potent and unique “Power Stones” that transform into spells, structures and creatures. Players can loot, forge, buy, sell and trade these stones among a vast online community, then cast the stones during epic battles that play out in a visually stunning 3D mythological world.

The new website was released just last week and Mytheon should be heading into BETA sometime next month. The first 1,000 people to register an account at will get access to the beta testing. So, if you’re interested…SIGN UP NOW, because we are already about to hit that 1,000 mark.

Alright alright…so enough of my attempt to get you to check out my games. :)

Moving on….

Have you noticed the girl population in your favorite games is going UP? Yeap, me too. Here’s the problem…


Therefore, they don’t take the time to make things more visually appealing for us.

Is this not rediculous? I mean, here we are, the girls who LOVE MMO’s and such…
all we ask is that you allow a little more flexible character customization, and some extra female character gender choices. HALO, for instance….I’ve been playing since there was no dual wielding, and yes, you allow a female VOICE on our multiplayer characters…BUT NO FEMALE APPEARANCE.

I hoped for this in ODST…and was let down…yet again. All Male characters.

Just because we like things pretty does not mean we are not respectable gamers.
We simply like to PEW PEW your sorry behind, and look good while doing it.

Can I get an amen?

*cricket cricket*

Ah well, better luck next time right? GO AND CHECK OUT WARRIOR EPIC AND MYTHEON NOW! Come and discuss this terrible female tragedy with me!

And if you’re into the Facebook thing, feel free to add me. Click below.


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