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Multiple MMORPG Publishers Publishing the same game?

Why is it that more than one MMORPG game publisher publishes the same game? It doesn’t make any sense. Games like Nostale
for example are available in the United States through two different
publishers. Players can sign up for the game on or on Isn’t it weird that the same game is available on
two different websites? On two completely different servers? I’m not
sure what Nostale’s developers were thinking by licensing their game to
two different companies in the same region, because as it stands the
game’s playerbase is now divided. This really hurts the ‘user
experience’ as a game’s community is a big part of MMO games,
and having a game’s community split totally sucks for players. To be
fair though, NosTale isn’t the only game that’s published by more than
one company. La Tale for example is currently being published by the
folks over at OGPlanet for North American users, but it looks like
Aeriagames will also begin publishing the same exact game soon, as La Tale is currently in Closed beta over at Aeria. Another game, Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu used to be published by both Ndoors and IJJI, but luckily the folks over at IJJI merged their servers with the Ndoors game.

The question now is, why on earth do game developers license their
games to multiple publishers? Heck, if I was OG Planet, I would be
furious at La Tale’s developers for giving their game to Aeria,
especially after initially giving it to OG Planet! Successful games
like Atlantica Online, Runes of Magic and Fiesta Online
for example don’t license their games to multiple publishers for a
reason, so why do some people do it? I’m pretty sure this practice has
a lot to do with greed. Developers are looking to milk their games as
much as possible, but I feel that this practice will only end up
hurting everyone, as a divided community will hurt the user experience
causing some people to quit, less players will hurt the publisher and
the less revenue publishers make the less the developers make. So,
what’s the point of this article? To urge developers to stop licensing
their games to multiple publishers!

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