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New Features Arrive in Vector City

On Tuesday, June 16th Vector City Racers released a new version of the game with new features and refinements. Highlights include:

• Special Ability Mods are now available to upgrade your Racer – add abilities like Spring, Glide, Slow Fall, Power Slide, Turbo and more (see below).

The New Leaderboard is now available. Can you make it into the top 50 Racers

• The Trophy Room has been revamped – see your achievements in all their glory!

Below is a partial list of the new Special Ability Mods that are now available. Check the Vector Zone Store in each city to see what you can now purchase to upgrade your racer!

• Recharge: You have a chance to immediately Recharge any boost you use.
• Spring: This turns your boost into a jump to Spring into the air.
• Grip: Ability to move normally over Ice or “slippery” areas.
• Traction: Ability to move normally over mud or “slow” areas.
• Glide: Ability to retain height for a short period of time.
• Slow Fall: Ability to slow your racers fall speed.
• Lucky: Chance to collect extra coins.
• Collector: Reduces the number of stars you need of the same color to turn in a set.
• Vapor: Extend burn time on boosts
• Power Slide: Higher retention of speed on turns
• Turbo: Increase acceleration on boosts
• Lift: Increase height gained from ramps.
• Injector: Increase speed cap on boosts
• Hybrid: Increased Fuel efficiency (the timer on your fuels lasts longer)

And there are more to discover! Drive into the Vector Zone Store and lock in some new Mods!

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