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Home/ interviews Vector City Racers interviews Vector City Racers recently spoke to the creators of Vector City Racers to get the scoop about the game. The article discusses a number of different aspects, including: features, gameplay, customization, the “playground” development mentality and child safety. Here’s a brief excerpt

What message and experience do you want to bring to kids though the game?

We’re really hoping kids feel the experience is like going to a new playground. We approached it that way, too, in the way a kid would get to the playground and look around at all the different features, like the swing set and the slides and the different jungle gyms. We want kids to come to the game and think about all the possibilities and all the things the can do when they’re playing. We also tried to approach the design of the different cities in the game that way, so every city you visit has all sorts of activities and play spaces. When you play Vector City Racers you have fun and you get points for it.

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