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The Social Experience in MMORPGs

The Social Experience in MMORPGs & Free MMORPGs It’s no secret that free to play MMORPGs have been exploding in popularity in the past few years. Once unheard of in the West, scores of free MMORPG games are now available for North American and European gamers. But while this trend has banished the dreaded monthly [...]

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Tales Runner

Tales Runner is a new game localized by gPotato. Its not another MMORPG, It is an MMO Racing game. There aren’t a lot of quality games in this genre and I feel that Tales Runner will do extremely well because of its unique gameplay and features. It is a racing game but it also has [...]

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Race the Pit Crew this Thursday!

On Thursday, June 18th starting at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern and going for one hour, the Vector City Racers Development Team, otherwise known as the Pit Crew, will be in game with engines running, ready to race with you! All you need to do is log in and keep an eye out [...]

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New Features Arrive in Vector City

On Tuesday, June 16th Vector City Racers released a new version of the game with new features and refinements. Highlights include:• Special Ability Mods are now available to upgrade your Racer - add abilities like Spring, Glide, Slow Fall, Power Slide, Turbo and more (see below).• The New Leaderboard is now available. Can you make [...]

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