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It’s unusual for people to look
for the hard way to do things, especially when great guides are available
showing you the fastest way to level. However WoW has turned into a game that is
playable for a wide age group and made relatively easy to progress. There is no
way to raise the difficulty level unless you impose restrictions or attempt to
go about things the hardest way. Adding this difficulty to the game makes
things challenging for those up to the task and brings a sense of pride of
having leveled up the hardest class in the game.

You want hard? here it is:

The hardest class to level would
be a Mage, but wait, you can only use fists, in all +str gear. Now there’s a

OK, now onto the real part of the

To determine the hardest class to
level we have to come up with a definition of what we mean by “hardest”

Rate at which exp is gained,

How fast you level is directly
related to how much DPS you can deal, combined with how much downtime you have
between fights. Therefore a class that deals low amounts of dps and must rest a
long time before the next fight would level the slowest. Exp/Hour = Most Mobs
Killed in an hour.


Dying can take a lot of time out
of leveling, and at times no matter how careful you are there will be that
patrol coming from behind you that you didn’t see. Certain classes have
abilities to escape these sticky situations while others do not, and will
probably end up dying after aggroing more than they can chew. Therefore, given
those points, and with picking the right leveling talents and proper

The Hardest class to level

The mighty Warrior.

May seem strange, they are tough
as nails, have tons of HP and look pretty beastly, but there are a few reasons
why they are the hardest to level. A lot of downtime Warriors must rest very
frequently, relying on food and bandages to heal themselves. This takes time out
of leveling and can be very slow and tedious, as well as expensive, they have
amongst the highest repair bills because of all the punishment they

Lack of survivability

Every fight a warrior gets into is
a “do or die” situation, yes they have hamstring, but by the time they use that
and start to retreat, the mob usually has time to get in an extra 2-3 hits, and
if you end up aggroing an add that you can’t handle, you’re pretty much toast…
the best thing to do is RUN AWAY!

If you are looking for a
challenge, warriors are the hardest class to level, can get very frustrating at
times and many people have quit in the process, but if you stick it out they are
one of the best for arena pvp and the most needed class for groups and

Runner up: Paladin – even with
their leveling build they have the lowest DPS in the game, although they have
much more survivability than a warrior and later on can AOE level

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