WoW Bear Armor Changes Coming in 3.0.4 WoW 3.0.4 Patch

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WoW Bear Armor Changes Coming in 3.0.4 WoW 3.0.4 Patch

WoW Bear armor changes coming in 3.0.4,wow 3.0.4 patch

Hi, Feral fans! When last we met to talk about a big Ghostcrawler post, he previewed that they were working on the WOW bear armor changes bonus so it didn’t work on jewelry, cloaks, and weapons any more, and on doing something about feral attack power (as seen on feral staves). He didn’t have details at the time, but said he’d get back to us. As GC is a crab of his word, he’s now come back to let us know exactly what’s going to happen, and when.

  • Only cloth and leather armor (excluding capes) will benefit from the armor multiplier on bear forms. This means armor from trinkets, rings, necks, and weapons will not be multiplied. However, Survival of the Fittest is gaining the additional effect of adding an additional 22/33/66% to your armor from cloth/leather.Net armor should stay the same.

  • Feral attack power will be removed. Instead, attack power in feral forms will scale based on weapon DPS. As with the armor change, this should make no actual difference to your performance – the conversion will be such that your DPS remains the same.What it does do is make it so some staves might be useful to both hunters and druids (for instance), or some two-handed maces might be useful to feral druids. In Ghostcrawler’s words: “This does not mean we are no longer going to create bear and cat weapons, just that those weapons will be slightly less niche than they are now.”

These WoW Bear armor changes will be coming sometime before 3.1 (Ulduar), which I’ve been referring to as wow 3.0.4 patch(though perhaps 3.0.x would be more accurate).

Both great changes in my opinion; the wow bear armor change should give us more viable options for tanking jewelry and weapons, instead of being forced to hold on to whatever has armor. And the FAP change will just mean we don’t always have to DE a feral piece if the one or two ferals in the raid already have it; and conversely, there won’t necessarily be only one weapon in a given raid that’s of use to ferals (I’m looking at you, Stranglestaff).

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