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Richard Garriott leaves NCsoft

In an open letter to fans, game designer Richard Garriott stated he will be leaving publisher NCsoft, where he headed up development on the sci-fi MMO Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa.The announcement was released on the game's official site. Garriott said that the decision was made following his highly-publicized expedition into outer space."That unforgettable experience has [...]

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AoC Assassin Class Guide

The Age of Conan is a MMORPG, or a Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game that allows players to choose from a number of unique characters, each providing a completely unique gaming experience for a number of different reasons. In Age of Conan, one of the most lethal characters available for play is the aoc [...]

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something about Warhammer CD Key

As you know, the difference in the two types of downloads is that with the Warhammer downloadable version you have only ten days of free game play. With the Warhammer CD Key you get 30 days of free game play. What you are in essence purchasing is the Warhammer CD-Key.By doing this you are buying [...]

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[Testlive] AoC Update 3.0.48 Notes

Just a wee pecker today, but these aoc Testlive updates should give you an idea of the fixes to come following the live launch of update 3. Update Notes for Update 3.0.48COMBAT * Fixed issues with no line of sight in spellcasting. * The chance of spell casting being interrupted by damage has now been [...]

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Bethesda: new Elder Scrolls title for 2010

Fallout 3 publisher Bethesda has indicated that the next title in the hugely popular Elder Scrolls series will be released in 2010.Paul Oughton, publishing executive for Bethesda, also said that although the market for the Wii and DS has opened up more varied publishing opportunities, the company doesn't have any current plans to release titles [...]

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