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AoC Assassin Class Guide

The Age of Conan is a MMORPG, or a Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game that allows players to choose from a number of unique characters, each providing a completely unique gaming experience for a number of different reasons. In Age of Conan, one of the most lethal characters available for play is the aoc Assassin. The Assassin is well armed with an arsenal of truly lethal combination attacks. Because the assassin is armed with stealth, he can slip past many of his foes completely unseen. In other words, the AOC assassin is an unseen deadly killer, but before he can be effective at his trade, he must go through a truly difficult regime of training and study before he can emerge supreme.

The AOC Assassin class is a truly unique one , following under the rogue category of classes. Still, this class is available both to Aquilonians and Stygians.

The primary weapons choices for the Assassin class AOC include daggers and crossbows. These are especially useful as weapons choices because the assassin can dual wield weapons for better effectiveness in offensive combat. AOC Assassins can also deal out poison damage and can make unholy attacks as well. Depending on what foe the assassin is facing, he can make use of additional specialty combos. The Assassin’s armor choices are more limited, as only silk armor and cloth armor are available to him. These lighter forms of armor are required specifically because the Assassin requires stealth in order to be an effective character.

In terms of offensive capabilities, the Assassin class is definitely one of the most deadly both when it comes to damage and when it comes to power as well. There are a number of different ways that an assassin will be able to kill an opponent, with the assassin’s main focus laying on swift and efficient movements. When it comes to using stealth to their advantage, the assassin is absolutely the most efficient class available in this game, meaning that sneaking around effectively is easier than ever when you are an assassin in Age of Conan.

Keep in mind, however, that no class is perfect and there is a downside to playing the AOC assassin. Just as stealth is a strength for the assassin character, it is also one of this character’s weaknesses. This is because the focus on stealth requires that heavier and more effective armors are sacrificed by the assassin in favor of lighter and less durable armors like the silk armor and the cloth armor. While the aoc assassin class may be a heavy hitter, they pack significantly less of a punch when it comes to defense. For this purpose, the assassin class must rely heavily upon healing and evading rather than taking direct blows from enemies.

Even still, the aoc assassin is an excellent class to play in the Age of Conan video game, especially for players who enjoy stealth attacks and plenty of hand to hand combat.

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