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Age of Conan in DirectX 10 at GC in Leipzig

FunCom will be showing off the DirectX10 version of Age of Conan at the GDC next week.“We are very pleased with the tremendously successful launch that we had,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Funcom, Morten Larssen. “But this is where the real journey starts for ‘Age of Conan’. In the months ahead [...]

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NCsoft clarifies Austin cuts rumours

NCsoft has released an official statement on the job losses set to hit its Austin studio, following rumours circulating yesterday that the entire office was to be shut down.Instead just 21 positions are to be cut, spanning products which were in the prototype phase only, and the Dungeon Runners team will also face some losses [...]

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Pendulum’s AlterEgo

GDC '08 Demo ReelMark AntonyThe Old ManStuntman: IgnitionReal-Time IntegrationRetargeting (Non-Human)Retargeting (Human)

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