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Day 2 – Lich King Beta

So I stayed home sick today cause I really needed a break and felt like crap. I actually went through all of the quests and put in as many coords that I could.

[The Crypt of Remembrance]
54, 57 – Do NOT throw out extra skulls.

[Nowhere To Run And Nowhere To Hide]
52, 71 townhall

[The Plaguebringer’s Request]
52, 71 townhall
57, 64 Inn
61, 60 forge

[Lambs To The Slaughter]
56, 63

[How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies]
55,60 any scarlet using the weapons given

[Behind Scarlet Lines]
tavern 55, 79

[Brothers In Death]
62, 68

[The Path Of The Righteous Crusader]
62, 68

[A Cry For Vengeance!]
53, 81

[A Special Surprise]
53, 83

[A Sort Of Homecoming]
56, 80

[Ambush At The Overlook]
59, 78

[A Meeting With Fate]
65, 83

[The Scarlet Onslaught Emerges]
56, 79

[Scarlet Armies Approach…]
Take portal that is provided and run straight up.

[The Scarlet Apocalypse]
Go through purple portal. 53, 36 afterwards.

[An End To All Things…]
Get on the mount and kill stuff. This quest took me a long time to do alone but isn’t hard.

[The Lich King’s Command]
38, 39

I added some more pictures here.

And two more movies:
Movie One
Movie Two

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