LawBreakers isn’t trying to be an Overwatch killer

Since then, Overwatch has sort of become the de facto leader of the character-based shooter movement, but when we met up with Bleszinski at PAX East 2017, he told us that he isn't trying to make an Overwatch killer. "If you do all of the stuff that's in every other game, you're just going to be a bad clone." So I think that layer of depth is really, really needed. But I also think also, the fact that we really are really a shooter game for [shooter fans]. Do you think every new shooter has to tr

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No Man’s Sky’s Path Finder update has turned me into a destructive asshole

I've been taking No Man's Sky's new Path Finder update for a spin: it's another big addition to Hello Games' sprawling space exploration game. But now we have tires, great big knobby rubber tires, and these tires change everything. But the destruction before Path Finder felt so limited in scope, apart from sometimes mining an entire deposit of copper or heredium. Moving on: base sharing and racing are also new to the update, and I've toyed with that as well. Progress isn't saved while you're the

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How the changes to Bastion and Mercy have affected the Overwatch meta

Facebook and Reddit pages were full of angry fans who were adamant that the changes to Bastion were too much. It didn’t do much for the hero’s popularity, as it felt like every single ladder composition included a Bastion regardless of map or point. So, how does a unique character like Bastion fit into the current meta? Here we see Liquid going for a 2/2/2 push on King’s Row that has Bastion complementing Soldier 76. Situations like this reward high levels of skill and execution, making the meta

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