New Expansion “Trumpet of the Legionnaire” Online Now

December 23, 2011 - 2:34pm

Through the unremitting efforts, on December 22nd, Eudemons Online proudly launched the second expansion, Trumpet of the Legionnaire, in 2011. A completely different journey for your Legion has now started. New system, new pets, new weapons, new quests are online now! And the new Taurus server is available at the same time. It will both be fun to start a fresh journey on a new server, or to join a powerful Legion back on the current server.

Well known for its pet system, Eudemons Online came up with the new idea of Legion pets. The Legion Eudemons derive from the ancient five Chinese Elements, and the Legion mounts allow up to four players to ride on it simultaneously. Legion life becomes more fun with these new members joined in. Legion PK is now more intense as well, because of the new weapons. These weapons with soul embedded in greatly modified the light effect during PK. Legion Shrine, the new system is set to hold every Legion member together, and required everyone to work hard, and go through all kind of fun quests and battles to reach a same goal.

In this new expansion, everyone is needed no matter how strong your battle power is. It’s time to prove the true value of yourself to your Legion. Will you heed the call to battle, or be trampled beneath the onslaught? Decide your destiny in Eudemons Online now!

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