First iOS Game from ISOTX – Iron Grip: Sky Corsair Announced

October 5, 2012 - 1:40pm

The very first iOS game from ISOTX is almost here, and will be released later this year! Iron Grip: Sky Corsair is an action packed game of airship combat, with ultra-detailed visuals pitching you straight into the chaotic depths of aerial battle. This thrilling aviation experience will initially be released for the iPad and Mac, with versions for other platforms coming later. Follow the story of Republic corsair Richard Valdez as he pits everything he has – little more than his airship, wits and skill – against the might of the European Alliance in their home territory.

Feature List

  • Cinematic visuals – striking graphics and astounding visual effects immerse you in the action!
  • Gear up – customize your airship to fit your personal strategy – guns, armor, self-repair, or more guns? The choice is yours!
  • Soar through six missions – each offering a different experience and a unique challenge.
  • Challenge yourself – can you get three stars on every level for perfect performance?
  • Wide variety of flying foes – with the Alliance sending everything from fighter aircraft to enormous airborne battleships after you, the battle will be epic!
  • Scour the skies of Europe – raid freighters in locations across northern Europe from Portsmouth and the White Cliffs of Dover to the industrial ports of Kiel.

Alternate Universe
In a world where the countries of the world formed into six factions following WW1, and now battle for control of the globe, you have been hired by the North American Republic to raid European Alliance zeppelin shipping. The potential rewards are great as the Republic will pay well, but the Alliance will not stand idly by as their freighters are destroyed

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