Fiesta Online players...Adealia is here. Get the expansion today!

January 11, 2012 - 6:26pm

New to the game or are you a seasoned veteran?  If you're new to the game come on over...its FREE TO SIGNUP and FREE TO PLAY.  The wait is over! Adealia is now here! Enjoy the latest Fiesta expansion. Take on new enemies, explores new lands, visit a new town, and most importantly make new friends! 

What's in store for the Fiesta Faithful?

Adealia Village and Field
Just beyond Dark Land a whole new world opens up. From Dark Land you can visit the field of Adealia where you'll encounter new monsters include Dark Ape, Great Tornado, Ice Lich, Shadow Elves,  and many others. Most importantly, the field of Adealia is where you can catch a ride on Claude up to Adealia Village. Simply speak to Tamer Ani and be on your way!

Kahal Plain
For the more adventurous, beyond Adealia you can enter the vast expanse of Kahal Plain. Here you'll find the Hunter's Union in some sticky situations. I'm sure they could use some help. But be careful, the monsters you'll encounter are not easy Slimes. Be prepared to face Ruga, Pergy, Wild Ape, and of course the elusive Battle Beak.

Psiken Garden
Are you daring enough? Only for the strong, beyond Kahal Plain lies Psiken Garden, but this isn't your grandmothers tame garden. In Psiken Garden you'll encounter all sorts of monsters including some ghostly Wandering Soul Leopard and Blood Spider. But this is just the beginning. Past Pisken Garden you can enter Pisken House

Psiken House
Inside the house is where the fun begins. If you manage to get past the Wraith, Grey Incubus, and Living Statues, you'll get your shot at Pisken and her dog on the right wing.  On the left wing you'll be faced against Chimera.

Quests, Gear, and Level Cap
The level cap has been raised to 115. Along the way you'll encounter new faces who might ask for help. Take on these news quests and be rewarded for your bravery. Quests will reward you with loot and experience. But be warned, these quests are not for the faint of heart. Do you have what it takes to help save Isya from a new terror? Also, what expansion would be complete without new gear. Scattered throughout the Expedition to Adealia is more amazing weapons and armor. But do you have what it takes to wield the new gear?

To celebrate this expansion, the Fiesta Team has come up with some events.

1. "Expedition to Adealia: A Video Journal" - Gather your most trusted friends as you trek from familiar Isyan lands into the unknown wilderness that leads into Adealia. Who will survive this epic journey, which will all be caught on film?

Players must record the entire journey from start to finish and post the video on the forums, along with a narrated journal entry that tells the story of your brave and triumphant party.

2. "Adealia Lore MVP" - It's time to continue the tale of the land known as Isya, the people who live there, the warring gods and the Guardian Magi... and now the new area of Adealia. In the last chapter of this epic lore (found here), Cypion secured peace for the land once more, but at a great cost. The evil vowed to return, as it always does, as it lost that decisive battle. Check our more details HERE!

3. "Escort Mission: Impossible" - Can you bring a level 10 character to Adealia? Will you be the escort or the escorted? Find a party and see what you can accomplish in this coop event. Check our more details HERE!

More to come!

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