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  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 2:33pm

    Durham, USA – March 23rd, 2010 – Funcom is pleased to reveal brand new screenshots, artworks and in-game video material for its upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online role-playing game The Secret World'. The new assets have been made available as the embargo date for the GDC 2010 presentations was lifted today; allowing journalists who attended the showings in San Francisco to report from what was the first ever showing of actual in-game gameplay.

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 1:06pm

    Junebud AB has released new information on added features for its social free to play massively multiplayer online MilMo which is currently in its latest version (BETA 12).

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 12:45pm

    Ndoors Interactive, a Leading Publisher of Online Games, Continues to Add Content with a New Mercenary

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 9:18am
    Jump to the Moon

    Mabinogi Celebrates its Second Anniversary

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 8:49am

    The highly successful fantasy MMORPG Rappelz is now coming to Italian gamers with a fully localized version published by Gala Networks Europe

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 8:36am

    Lords Online (, IGG’s free-to-play browser-based strategy game, is coming out with an expansion that includes many new updates. The changes include revamped graphics, a new strategic data system, and the opening of the tombs. Here’s an inside look at each of these three exciting additions.

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 8:34am

    Munich, Germany, March 23, 2010

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 8:32am
    If you’ve been following the latest game news then you’re probably already pretty clued up about the amazing mounts in ToF. So we’d like to bring another innovative function of the game to your attention – Fusion. There is only so much that you can achieve with the one set of equipment that you equip and there are also times when it is really difficult to choose which of two equally awesome pieces of equipment to use as they both offer excellent qualities. But we have addressed these issues with the unique Fusion system.
  • Monday, March 22, 2010 - 11:45am

    Online game portal GameKiss, servicing the world's first online basketball game FreeStyle Street Basketball and shoot’em up RPG Valkryie Sky, will launch a channeling service with Level Up in the Philippines on March 22.

    Level Up is a leading online game company based in the Philippines servicing various online games. Through channeling with Level Up, GameKiss expects that game matching among users in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries will become much smoother and the payment system for the users in that region will become more convenient.

  • Monday, March 22, 2010 - 11:40am

    DUBLIN, Ireland March 22nd, 2010 The gPotato team is preparing the launch of the next Flyff expansion Act VI: In Between Heaven And Hell, which was announced recently. To speed up your waiting time, we would like to tell you the story of Desmodon and how it all began.

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