Zu Online

Zu Online is a 3D MMORPG currently in open beta taking place in the universe of Zu.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://zu.igg.com

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Zu Online MMORPG Game Review

Zu Online MMORPG is an oriental fantasy action game that is based on a historic Chinese novel. This 3D fighting game has excellent graphics with cell shaded characters. The character creation process is different from other games. The first thing that you’ll need to do is choose a mascot from the twelve options available. The mascot is a small animal that basically represents the twelve hours within the day. The next thing that you do is choose your nationality and where you live.

The reason this is important is because players can talk to each other from the same location no matter where you are in the game. There are three factions that you’ll need to choose from when creating your character. These three factions are called Wu, Xun and Tai. The next thing that you’ll need to do is choose your class. This MMORPG has five classes or clans and each one of them have their own special style.
These consist of a Swordsman, which is the main tanking class that uses skill and melee weapons when in combat. The Sun Warrior is a large warrior that is excellent in close combat but they’re slow moving. The Moon Maiden is a very fast rogue class and the Bead Fairy is basically a Mage who has both supportive and offensive spells. The Summoner specializes in dark magic and they can summons demons to help them when in combat.  
Once you start playing it’s important for you to talk to all of the NPCs that you come in contact with that has the red exclamation marks overhead. You can move around by using the either the WASD keyboard method or the mouse point and click method. As you level up you’ll gain new skills and advance through the game. PvP is a big part of the game but you can deactivate the PvP mode if you want to. The main currency used in the MMORPG game is called “bones” and it’s easy to get a hold of. Gold, silver and shells are also used as currency.
The interface is well organized, allowing the players to talk to one another locally or through private messages. You can level up quickly in this MMORPG but don’t let that discourage you. The level cap is 259 so you have a long way to go. Zu Online is a good online game that is free-to-play and suited for the casual gamer who just want to have a good time. 
Zu OnlineZu OnlineZu OnlineZu OnlineZu Online
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