Zero Online

Zero Online is the first 2.5D MMORPG in China under a theme of the universe and robots.

Publisher: NetDragon

Platform: PC Windows

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Zero Online: A Sci-Fi Action MMORPG
Zero Online is a fast-action 2D MMORPG that takes place in a Sci-Fi world called Zero. It’s a fun game that involves space combats with pilots traveling between galaxies fighting the ferocious aliens of this universe with high-tech weapons. The storyline revolves around a mysterious force called the “Othello”. Zero Online has a good easy to use guide that helps new players get started. It’s provided by both NPCs and missions. The system requirements are low so you don’t need a high performance computer to play this game.
To begin playing you choose one of the eight avatars and one of the two classes. The two playable classes are called Infantry and Artillery. The Infantry class can dish out a lot of damage to single targets after you’ve moved up several levels in the game but they are weak in the beginning. The Artillery class can dish out a lot of damage to many enemies at once and they’re the most powerful class of the two.  
Each playable class has four evolutions or job advancements. The first evolution occurs at level 20 then again at levels 60, 100 and level 130. Since the experience rate can level-up quickly it doesn’t take long to evolve so it gives you something to look forward to. Both classes have the ability to operate three battle mechs and command units. They also have the ability to transform the units into a variety of items depending on the situation.   
Players can quest, gather resources and participate in other PvP modes besides the space duels and the combat modes. The auto-pilot feature is excellent and allows the player to move from one location to another automatically when you select your destination from a list of options. It can be used to maneuver around town, move to grinding locations and it makes questing easier. The MMORPG game also has a large level cap, lots of content and fast-paced action.    
Zero Online MMORPG has a huge selection of weapons, ammo and armor and each class can choose from a variety of weapons to use. However, the more you use a weapon the more skilled the player becomes with it. Each weapon has certain strengths and weaknesses so it’s a good idea to try to master two or three different ones. Published by TQ Digital, Zero Online has some nice features that make playing fun and entertaining. 
Zero OnlineZero OnlineZero OnlineZero OnlineZero Online

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