Xiah Rebirth

Xiah Rebirth is a free to play MMORPG game.

Publisher: ONNET

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://asda2.gamescampus.com

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Xiah Rebirth MMORPG Fantasy Game

Xiah Rebirth MMORPG enjoyed a three year run before the creators closed the server and brought the game offline in February of 2010. Unlike other MMORPG games that have ceased operations, Xiah Rebirth did not do so because of hacking or players who were insulting to each other. They simply did not have the following or the monetary means to keep the game operational. There is a possibility that it is going to be back online soon for those who really loved playing this MMORPG fantasy 3d action fighting game.

The world of Xiah Rebirth MMORPG is staged in Asian Mythology and the graphics are superb and surpass many of the other online role playing games. There are also easy to use control panels that enable players to chat with each other and make the game play much easier so that even new players are not going to have any problem getting started. They can also choose between a first person and third person view to get even more involved in the gaming experience.

Any item that a character carries can be charged with one of the five natural elements to offer it more potency. There are also advanced monsters that are controlled by an artificial intelligence program to make the gaming more realistic. They are also fitted out with artificial emotions which mean that when they are scared, they can run away and when they are angry, they are going to attack at will. Again, this is just one more way that game play exceeds many of the other MMORPG games.

The best part of Xiah Rebirth is that it is tailored for players to get together and join forces to complete quests and tests. Players can send mail to each other to keep in touch when they are not online at the same time. There is also a chat function for those who are in the same guild or party. 

It is not known when the MMORPG game is going to be available again. There is the chance that the creators may not put the game back online at all. Those who were loyal players and those who wished to play are going to simply have to wait and see if this game is going to be offered again.

Xiah RebirthXiah RebirthXiah RebirthXiah RebirthXiah Rebirth
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