XBlaster is a free to play browser MMORPG shooting action game.

Publisher: Bigpoint

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.xblaster.com

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XBlaster 2D Sci-Fi Fantasy MMORPG
XBlaster is a 2D Sci-Fi Fantasy MMORPG published by BigPoint. The playerbase for this game is high and it’s classified as an MMO. This casual browser game provides lots of fighting action for the player that includes battles with giant mechs, duels, Player versus Player fighting and more.

XBlaster has three mech types which are as follows: The Ranger, the Defender and the Hunter. The Ranger is best suited for close combat because they are very fast due to their special power called the nitro packet that gives them a temporary boost when it comes to speed. The weapon designed for the Ranger is the Ion Cannon and it’s highly effective against the Hunter.

The Defender is best used for long range combat and their special power is the shield. It allows the Defender to be temporarily invulnerable and the weapon designed for this mech is the Impulse, which is highly effective against the Ranger. The Hunter has the highest damage potential of the three and they have the Seeking Missile as a special power. They are also equipped with a Plasma Gun that is highly effective against the Defender.

You can earn credits and skill points to use for new weapons and upgrading your gear by defeating your opponents in PvP battles or by fighting in the arena. You can complete some of the single-player missions to acquire the items needed to move up as well. Some of the basic equipment that all new players are given includes a gun, grenade launcher and believe it or not, a chainsaw. Some of the weapons that you can upgrade to include, flamethrowers, mines, shields and plasma guns.

XBlaster is an exceptional browser game in which PvP is the most popular feature. You can find and collect extra skill points, temporary buffs, jackpot points and credits in the arena by searching for crates that are scattered around the rooms. All in all, XBlaster is an interesting fantasy game that is easy to learn and fun to play. It’s suitable for most any type of gamer and it’s certainly worth the time and effort that it would take to check it out.  
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