Woozworld is a fun, unique and exciting 2D MMO virtual world for teenagers.

Publisher: Tribal Nova Inc.

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.woozworld.com

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Woozworld - Fun Browser MMO Virtual World for Tweens
Woozworld is a fun, unique and exciting 2D browser MMO virtual world for tweens between 9 to 14 years old. Each Woozen can choose to join one of the 4 Nationz in Woozworld: Cortoza (gothic), Mystic Alley (fairy tale), Colony V (futuristic) and Libstreet (cool, urban and hip).
Woozworld is based on a UGC (User Generated Content) engine, allowing users to create and influence their universe! The entire world is created and run by the Woozens themselves. From the 50 original Unitz, Woozens have created hundreds of thousands of Unitz: Restaurants, discotheques, adoption centers, hospitals, schools, stores, wedding chapels, etc. The only limit in Woozworld is their imagination!
The avatar creation system is quite extensive for a 2D browser MMO virtual world but is not cluttered and very user friendly. You are given the option to choose various templates from faces, hair, eyes, skin, and clothes. After creating your avatar, it is a simple and straightforward account process that takes you directly into the game after you are done. From here, you get to choose which of the 4 Nationz in Woozworld you would like to begin.
Woozworld is a safe environment, without external links to other websites, offering teens and pre-teens a wide variety of communities where they can learn and have fun. Woozworld provides tweens with a fun environment where they can make new friends and embark on exciting flourishing adventures.
In Woozworld, each user gets to:
  • Collect games and videos
  • Trade games with friends
  • Create and customize characters
  • Make new friends
  • Earn reward points
  • Participate in Woozworld’s animations

And enjoy many more free benefits! Aside from the free benefits, players can purchase Wooz, which is the virtual currency used in the game. With Wooz, players can buy many in-game items for their avatar. There is also a subscription plan with 4 different options which comes with premium benefits that you wouldn’t receive from the free account. Woozworld is a safe and fun place for tweens to get together in a virtual world.

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