Wonderland Online

Wonderland Online is a free to play MMORPG game published by IGG.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://wl.igg.com

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Wonderland Online MMORPG Free Fantasy Game
Wonderland Online is a free 2D MMORPG designed with the anime styled graphics. This fantasy game is published by IGG and it’s very similar to Myth War 2 Online but with its own unique qualities that set it apart from the rest. For example, the process of creating your character is much different than with other games.

There are twelve characters to choose from that include men, women, boys and girls. Each one of these has special skills and different stats with bonuses. Once you choose a character, you’ll need to choose one of the four elements which consist of wind, fire, water and earth. Choose wisely because this will determine the skills your character learn when leveling up. There will be an overview tab that explains the elements to help you choose the best one for your character. Next, you distribute the five starting stats, choose your hair color, skin and so forth.

The game doesn’t have a tutorial but it does start off with a couple of scenarios to help you get the feel for it. At the beginning, you’ll find yourself on a cruise ship where you’ll need to talk to the two NPCs to get things going. After talking to the captain of the ship it will begin to sink and you’ll find yourself being dragged onto a small island where you’ll encounter an old man. He gives you a raft and sends you to the other side of the island where you’ll use the raft to reach the mainland.

From here the action really begins and you’ll enjoy exciting and unusual quests that give the game a whole new twist. Wonderland Online is a MMORPG fighting fantasy game that uses the “turn-based combat” which means that you can find yourself in a battle just by walking around, approaching the enemy or by taking part in an event. It’s very similar to the classic console RPG from years ago. If you’re searching for a great nostalgic game, Wonderland Online fits the description.

The player housing system is excellent and you can even carry your house (in the form of a tent) around with you everywhere you go. You can pitch the tent wherever you want it and then you and anyone you invite can have access to it. It may look like a tent on the outside but once inside its large and you can upgrade in many different ways with all types of furniture.

The crafting system is amazing and allows you to make all types of furniture for your home. You can also make items such as rafts, boats and aircrafts that allow you to venture out to unexplored parts of the world. Wonderland Online MMORPG is fun to play and recommended for anyone searching for a unique and exciting online game. 
Wonderland OnlineWonderland OnlineWonderland OnlineWonderland OnlineWonderland Online
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