The West

The West is a free to play MMO browser game.

Publisher: InnoGames GmbH

Platform: Browser

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The West MMO Browser Game Review

The West, is an MMO 2D browser-based adventure game which is set in the American Wild West. You will start out as a Greenhorn and will need to work different odd jobs to help you get skills as well as game cash needed to get new gear and more in the game.

From publisher InnoGames, this has a high player base and while it has low quality graphics, it’s a fun and interesting game. The experience rate is low but this is expected from a browser based game. There is the option of duels if you choose the PvP option, but it’s up to you to do so.

This game has a very unique theme and comes with a step by step tutorial so you can learn how to play right away even if you are completely new to the game. There are a variety of skills and class choices to choose from so you can get a great deal of variety in the game. There are also a lot of quests available to keep you busy.

There is little player interaction in this game which is different from most MMOs that have a solid focus around players interacting. While it is free to play, premium users can find many large benefits. Parts of the game are slow paced but this makes it good for the more casual player.

When you first sign up an account and start playing, you will not have any cash or skills and you will need to go to the saloon and find odd jobs to start building your profile. When you hit level 10, you can choose from one of four class types. These include adventurer, dueler, worker and solider.

Each of these four classes also has 4 archetypes to choose from as well. This just gives you even more options to enjoy with The West and allows you more opportunity to personalize your character and make the game fit your needs and interests. Check it out today to see how easy it is to play and level up in the American West.

The WestThe WestThe WestThe WestThe West
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