Water Margin Online

Water Margin Online is a free to play MMORPG game.

Publisher: MyCNX Holdings

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.108.com.my/main.php?lang=eng

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Water Margin Online MMORPG Game
Water Margin Online is a fantasy 2D action MMORPG game that takes place in ancient Japan during the Song Dynasty. There are over one hundred and eight heroes that can be used as characters for gamers. All of these heroes along with the gamer meet at Mount Liang Shang where allies are created and the game play start when the gamer creates a guild. The best aspect to Water Margin Online MMORPG is that it is based on an ancient book which was written from an actual historical time frame. It has been only available in Japan for the first three years that it was online and only in the last year has the game been open to English speaking countries.

This MMORPG uses many of the same tactics that other online role playing games employ in that there are quests to complete in order to level up and gain new skills. With each level, there are new weapons available which offer more hit damage to the opponents that are being fought.

The MMORPG game relies heavily on users participating with each other and Water Margin Online offers many different chat options with emoticons and other fun chat styles. Players need to band together to complete quests so making friends is going to be easy even for those who have never played online and are shy about having to work with strangers. There are players from all over the world so finding someone to quest with is not going to be an issue. Gamers can even set up a friends list so they can see when their friends are online and playing.

All gamers can choose the clothing that they want their character to wear which makes this game unique over some of the others online. Being able to completely customize the character means that the player can create one that looks like them or they can create a character that is totally different. Any gamer who loves the idea of being in an ancient and real world is going to love going online and making friends while playing Water Margin Online MMORPG.


Water Margin OnlineWater Margin OnlineWater Margin OnlineWater Margin OnlineWater Margin Online
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