Warrior Epic

Warrior Epic is a free-to-play online action MMORPG, in which players assume command of a wide variety of Warriors through solo, PvP, and multiplayer dungeon raiding adventures.

Publisher: True Games

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.warriorepic.com

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Warrior Epic: A Very Unique MMORPG
Warrior Epic MMORPG is a free 3D fantasy game that is very unique in nature. It’s not like any of the new MMORPG’s that you’ll find today. It’s classified as an isometric action RPG. What this means is that you won’t find a huge world to explore and it functions using the “lobby/game room” format.

One of the most unusual things about Warrior Epic is that you’re not the character that you play. Instead, you’re a commander that’s in charge of warriors. Your base is in the “Warrior’s Hall” and you will be in charge of taking care of everything your warriors need. For example, you’ll buy equipment, handle quests and take care of campaigns or anything else needed to reach your goals. You can even buy new warriors if necessary.

To begin playing the game you’ll go to the main menu and choose the “Play Now” feature. From here, you’ll choose a warrior and be sent to the “War Room”. By clicking on your map, you’ll learn where to go for quest. The maps are colorful and very helpful throughout the game. When you complete each zone it will unlock the next area where you can go.

The game has several classes but you don’t choose your class in the beginning and the gender is preset already. When going through the levels and completing your quest you’ll find lots of unusual little creatures running all over the place to kill. You may even be a little surprised at some of the enemies you run into.

The game is based around gold because you need currency to move up and accomplish your goals. You can purchase gold to use in the game from the launch interface if you prefer instead of farming for it. If you have warriors that you don’t want to keep you can also sell them in the item shop or use them as a sacrifice.

In this action fantasy game you will be able to manage the spirits of the warriors that have fallen in battle. They can be summoned to do battle again or they can be used to work and improve your equipment. Warrior Epic is truly a unique MMORPG that takes place in a fantasy universe that is original and fun to play.   
Warrior EpicWarrior EpicWarrior EpicWarrior EpicWarrior Epic
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