War Rock

War Rock is a multiplayer first-person shooter (MMOFPS) made by the South Korean company, Dream Execution.

Publisher: K2 Network

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.gamersfirst.com/warrock

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War Rock – A MMOFPS that's a Little Different
It seems everyone's looking for a great MMOFPS these days but if you're trying to decide if War Rock is the one for you, then you're going to want to read this. This is a first person shooter that many are calling mediocre at best. While there are some good points such as different modes to choose from and some decent maps, there are still many downsides that remind you that you get what you pay for with this free shooter.

The core shooting action is considered very underwhelming. This MMOFPS 3D shooter has an odd real-life economic model that gives cash more reward than skill. There are nonfunctional features and a great deal of lag, which everyone knows is not good in any shooter game. Players also report frequent crashes and other bugs and problems.      

In this game, you don't purchase new weapons like in other shooters but you lease them instead. If you don't pay more for them, they can get taken back from you. There is also a story behind War Rock but in this case, the storyline is a bit thin. It involves the civil war of the country of Derbaran and the Derbaran Army is fighting against the rebels of the National Independence.

Your main goal in the game is still just to shoot your opponent and there's little to no reference to the storyline in the actual gameplay itself. There are a couple of different modes of play to choose from, depending on if you want a small, medium or large shooter experience.

Most of the maps are fairly solid with elements that you will find familiar to other first person shooters. There is a nice assortment of both open areas and combined spaces to help you in transport and combat situations. The main problem with the game is the core shooting and balancing.

When you play and level in War Rock, you have the opportunity to earn in-game currency which can be used to lease better weapons and access other features of the game to help you beat your opponent. There is also the real-money transaction option that allows you to do more with your game. While it's so-so for a MMOFPS, War Rock still leaves a lot to be desired.


War RockWar RockWar RockWar RockWar Rock
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