Wanted is a free to play MMO browser game published by Universal Studios.

Publisher: Universal Studios

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.wantedthegame.com

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Wanted MMO Browser Game

Wanted is a browser and text-based shooter MMO that was designed around the movie “Wanted”. Players create their avatar, which is an assassin, and then they join a brotherhood of assassins. You progress to the top by performing hits and going through training sessions to improve your skills. After creating your character, you’ll receive action points during each “in-game” day. This occurs every six hours in reality.

Your goal is to kill the targets assigned to you. Accomplishing your missions will earn you cash to buy more items so you can level up and take out more targets until you reach the top. The way you choose a target is rather simple. You use “The Loom” to select the level of the player that you want to take out. After you choose a level to fight you hit “execute” and the game will pick a player for you to kill.
If you’re strong enough and have enough equipment to kill them, you move on through the game. If you don’t accomplish your mission, the game will send you to a safe room for awhile. The length of time you spend in the safe room hiding will depend on what level you are in the game. If at any time you don’t accomplish your mission and take out your target, be sure to choose one that is closer to your skill level the next time to ensure success.
This action-packed MMO plays like most text-based games when it comes to gameplay. The action points that you receive can be used for buying weapons, ammo and taking out your target. They can also be used to regain some of your endurance by visiting recovery rooms.
You can use credits that you acquire in Wanted MMO to activate some of the premium features. These can come in very handy as you progress through the game. For example, one of them will tell you if you’ll succeed at your attempt at a hit. You can also bribe someone else to take the blame if you fail a mission by using your credits. This can be very useful as you progress through the game.
If you enjoyed the movie and you like playing MMO, you’ll most likely enjoy playing Wanted. It has many references referring back to the movie that makes it more interesting and fun to play. The gameplay may be similar to most games of this genre but the storyline and missions are unique. 
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