Voyage Century

Voyage Century Online is a free nautical MMORPG developed by Snail Games and published by IGG, the distributors of Myth War Online.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: PC Windows

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Voyage Century: Nautical MMORPG Game
Voyage Century is a 3D historical fantasy MMORPG game that takes place in 17th Century Earth. This is considered the age of exploration and International trade. This free online game has lots of excellent features that you won’t find in many MMORPG such as, being able to play on both land and the sea in the same game. Character customization is limited with only four to pick from. There are two males and two females with just a few hair and face styles available.  
The MMORPG game begins in Athens where you’ll encounter an NPC with a screen that will ask if you’re ready to choose a profession. When you answer yes there will be another screen that provides a list of the five classes available along with a brief description of each. The five classes include a Royal Military Officer, Caribbean Pirate, Armed Businessman, Treasure Hunter and Emperor Guardian. All classes have the ability to fight, do crafting or gather materials.
After choosing your class the NPC will give you a variety of quest that will help you begin leveling up and teach you how the game is played at the same time. When you reach level 15, you’ll be sent on your first sailing mission where you can explore more than forty cities, discover ancient wonders and so much more.  
Voyage Century MMORPG has an excellent auto-walk and loot feature. You can pull up the area map and click on it to move around. You can also click on one of the quests listed in your quest log and you will start walking towards it automatically. It will even guide your ship from one port to another. The huge game world has original free-to-play arenas, open guild wars, crafting and resource gathering features combined with an in-depth storyline, realistic setting and the standard leveling system.

This MMORPG has open PvP but killing innocents excessively will get you attacked by the NPC ships and guards. You can also lose reputation with certain factions but gain it with others depending on who you attack. You even have the opportunity to pursue any career that you have an interest in. Voyage Century offers a huge virtual world filled with amazing content, which gives players the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of activities suited for all types of gamers. 

Voyage CenturyVoyage CenturyVoyage CenturyVoyage CenturyVoyage Century
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