Upshift Strikeracer

Upshift Strikeracer (USR) is a MMO racing video game developed by NChannel and published by Gala-Net (gPotato) for the PC.

Publisher: Gala-Net

Platform: PC Windows

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Upshift Strikeracer - MMO Racing Fun for Everyone
If you are looking for an MMO racing game then you should check out Upshift Strikeracer. This fun game has options like clubs, upgrades and modifications for your car and guns. Yes, you read that right, racing with guns. You can just race if you’d like, but there is a whole lot more of a challenge when you have to dodge bullets from the person you just passed.

The graphics on this racing MMO are not high resolution which lends itself toward the old school feeling of the game. This game is great for people who have older computers because the lack of high tech graphics means that is can play on older video cards.

Fast paced rock music sets the pace for racing around the track, dodging bullets and shooting other racers in order to score the top spot. Because this is an MMO game the action is made better with the interaction with other players. The server selection screen offers Rookie, Pro and Master so that you can race with other players of your skill level.

As I mentioned before you can just race, you don’t have to shoot, so when selecting your game you need to know that “Strike Racing” is the option with the guns. That’s going to be the choice that gives you the most action. There are time trials and a tutorial to help you get a feel for the game before you jump into a live race.

As you play you will work through the mods for your car to make it better and faster. Modifications and additions are paid for with your “Rep”, which is based on your success as a racer. You can purchase new cars, body kits, parts, weapons, and other items and all of the modifications except body kits can be used on all of the cars. The cars and items you can purchase depend on your ranking as a racer.

The live Upshift Strikeracer is a game that involves you and challenges you with plenty of action. This MMO is a completely free play game, with an excellent website where you can build your club, and recruit new members.

Traditionally the racing game genre is a single or two player game, but the movement of the racing game to the MMO level introduces several new facets to simple video game racing. Shooting, battling to the finish line and the ability to form clubs and play online against people from all over the world; changes the entire concept of video racing games.


Upshift StrikeracerUpshift StrikeracerUpshift StrikeracerUpshift StrikeracerUpshift Strikeracer
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