Tycoon Online

Tycoon Online is a free to play MMORPG browser based strategy game.

Publisher: Capitalist Enterprises

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.tycoononline.nu

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Tycoon Online 2D MMORPG Game

Facebook is quickly becoming one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet. Because of this, there are many different MMO games that can be played through the Facebook interface. One of the most popular games is the Tycoon Online Virtual World Text Strategy MMORPG. This game allows players to interact with each other in the business world. The interface is graphic free and easy to navigate making it easy for even the novice game player to get used to and is set in the country of Sweden.

Owning a business in the real world can be difficult, but with Tycoon Online MMORPG, it is easy and gives players the chance to deal in the high caliber business community that they would not have the opportunity to do in their everyday lives. There are many industries within the MMORPG game that can be chosen from to help players get started.

All players start with land and then they choose which industry that they want to create. They build on the land, use raw materials either as a source of money or to be used to produce items that they can then sell to the public. Store fronts can be purchased to help them distribute their property and shares can be sold on the market to generate more income. Shares can also be purchased too which is exactly what happens in the real business world.

When a player gets low on money and cannot finance their projects, they can go to the bank and ask for a business loan. Of course, the bank is going to charge interest so just as in real life; players need to be aware of this. Being a high flying business person is made fun for those who want to take risks in the virtual world that they would never consider in the real one. There are the same choices and decisions that are made all over the world on a daily basis. Facebook and an Internet browser are the only tools needed to play Tycoon Online MMORPG and have hours of fun online.

Tycoon OnlineTycoon OnlineTycoon OnlineTycoon OnlineTycoon Online
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