Turf Battles

Turf Battles, often referred to as TB, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Publisher: Aeria Games

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://turfbattles.aeriagames.com

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Turf Battles: A Free MMORPG

If you’re searching for a fast paced 3D fantasy MMORPG game then Turf Battles may be exactly what you’re looking for. This MMORPG takes place in the virtual world of Fomalhaut. As a player you’ll need to complete a series of quest and do lots of grinding to move up in levels. You’ll reach level 20 rather quickly and this is when you can move on to other maps.

There is a short tutorial quest line for new players to use to get familiar with the MMORPG game. This begins when you activate an item located in your inventory. The locations of the NPCs are marked on the minimap so they can be found easily. Some of the NPCs will give players a speed buff if they’re below level 70. This will help you maneuver within the game easier and some NPCs will teleport you to different areas.

When you reach level 30 you’ll receive a pet to help make things more interesting. The interface in Turf Battles is simple and easy to learn. Moving up in experience points can be done rather quickly, which is good considering it has a high cap level of 300. Each time you gain experience points and move up a level you’re earn 10 stats points to distribute between the eight stats. There are three physical stats which are vitality, strength and dexterity and five magic ones. 

There are two races for players to choose from. They are called the “Human” and the Elf-like “Nephilim”. There are five playable classes and three of them are human classes called the Human Blade Warrior, Human Fist Warrior and the Human Red Mage. The two Nephilim classes are called the Nephilim Archer and the Nephilim Blue Mage.

This MMORPG game puts a lot of emphasis on PvP combat and it has open PVP for players after they reach level 40. This means that players can attack or be attacked anywhere in the game at anytime. However, players will be penalized for being the aggressor. It’s best to participate in organized PvP options that include arena battles. There is also an area designed as a free-for-all arena where players will not be penalized.
The monsters are color coded in this MMORPG according to their difficulty to make it easier for players to stay within their skill levels. There are many others features that help to make it a fun and interesting game as well. If forming guilds, controlling regions and PvP battles interest you then Turf Battles has a lot to offer. It’s an older game but it still has many excellent features to enjoy and it’s a free MMORPG.
Turf BattlesTurf BattlesTurf BattlesTurf BattlesTurf Battles
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