Troy, the next free MMORPG of ALT1 Games USA is set in a world based on Greek myth with recreated mythical characters.

Publisher: ALT1 Games USA

Platform: PC Windows

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Troy MMORPG Game

Troy is a MMORPG set in a world based on Greek myth with recreated mythical characters such as Menelaus, Achillies, and Cassandra. It takes place on the great Autis continent, where the Trojan and Greek warriors have been revived to fight anew. Apollo and Poseidon have resurrected the armies to fight in their name. There are also conflicts between Zeus and Hades, who have their own designs for the war and the mortals involved.


Troy takes place in an alternate, timeless dimension in which players are sent to continue the Trojan War after the Greek gods are unsatisfied with the original victory of the Greeks. Troy will be heavily PVP-centric, including several different types of player combat on a number of different scales. Players will be able to choose from a variety of battle types, from the melee-heavy fighters to the distance-loving mages.


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the game looks awsome, too

the game looks awsome, too bad it dont load correctly! every time i try to open it it wont center on my screen and to click anything i have to go an inch below and to the right. ive checked all settings on my comp and im good there. this is also the only game of many that does this! any advice on how to correct this would be very much apprieciated!!!!!!

avidgamer's picture

try opening a new tab in the

try opening a new tab in the browser or a new window and paste the url see if this helps. troy is a pretty fun game.

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