Trickster Online

Trickster Online is a free, 2D isometric MMORPG developed by the Korean company Ntreev Soft.

Publisher: Ntreev

Platform: PC Windows

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Trickster Online MMORPG 2D Fantasy Game
Trickster Online MMORPG was published by Ntreev and it's a cute 2D fantasy MMORPG that is designed with anime/manga graphics. This action game begins with the player standing on the deck of a ship where you'll be given a choice between listening to the tutorial or going straight to town.

The tutorial will provide information about the game and give you some equipment rewards that will be very useful so it would be worth your time to go through it. You'll find yourself on a beach with four NPC's that will teach you about the interface and the controls of the game. For example, the game uses the simple point and click system to move and you can assign skills to a special toolbar.

When the tutorial is over, you'll be given a graduation hat, a pet and a sword then teleported to town where the adventure begins. In this MMORP fighting game the pets provide a boost in stats but they don't participate in battles. There are several ways to advance in the game that includes grinding, drilling for items and doing quests. There is also a card mini game for you to enjoy.

Trickster Online MMORPG has four classes with two playable characters (male and female) each, totaling eight characters for the game. Each character is associated with a different type of animal that will advance throughout the game. There are four stats available that include Magic, Power, Charm and Sense and one is assigned to each class. Magic focuses on casting spells during combat and for healing and the characters are a sheep and a dragon. Power focuses on physical combat and you have a choice between a bunny and and a buffalo.

The characters associated with Charm are a cat and a raccoon and they specialize in both defense and evasion. Sense uses long-range attacks and the characters associated with this stat include a fox and a lion. They also have the ability to drill and use guns. In the beginning each character in each class will have the same skills but this will change after the second advancement when each character's skills will begin to branch off in different directions.

Trickster Online MMORPG is a fun and intriguing game, suitable for players of all ages. This free online MMORPG game takes place in a large fantasy world with decent graphics and lots of excitement. It's a great way to spend your free time.  
Trickster OnlineTrickster OnlineTrickster OnlineTrickster OnlineTrickster Online
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