TERA is a fantasy MMORPG with rich graphics and animations with a dynamic battle system.

Publisher: En Masse Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://tera.enmasse.com

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TERA Fantasy 3D MMORPG Game

TERA is a new and innovative action MMORPG with rich graphics and animations where players have the ability to fully control their characters through the game’s dynamic battle system. Player actions in TERA can dictate and change the balance of power in a world threatened by dark powers as six allied races work together to protect their world. TERA is currently under development with a plan launch in North America and Europe in 2011.

TERA is an impressive and detailed fantasy virtual world with the standards of a triple-A quality MMORPG that awaits thousands of players. The game is entirely developed in Unreal Engine 3, TERA transcends current representatives of the genre with breathtaking 3D graphical environments, thrilling animations and spectacular effects. The seamless architecture of the massive fantasy world including open dungeons guarantees a smooth and fluent game experience without any interruptions by loading times.


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This is the best game comming

This is the best game comming out in NA/EU

The game where manual skill is really need in PvP, not only Tab + 1,2,3,4

You can fight with elites alone if you are good enough in evade attacks but one bad move and you are dead! Hell yea I cant wait for this!

avidgamer's picture

Very nice graphics!

Very nice graphics!

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