Tales of Fantasy

Tales of Fantasy is a free to play MMORPG game published by IGG.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://tof.igg.com

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Tales of Fantasy MMORPG Game

Tales of Fantasy promises to be an amazing MMORPG with lots of excitement to keep you entertained. It takes place on a world called Elterra and it has much to offer most all gamers. The 3D environment is so large in this fantasy game that it can be a little intimidating for anyone new to this type of MMO. There are four basic classes called the Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Healer.

The Warrior and Rogue belong to the fighter class and the Mage and Healer belong to the Spellcasters. The mounted combat makes the game even more exciting as players are even able to strike their enemies or cast spells while riding on their mount. There are many items available throughout the world that can be used for creating and enhancing equipment.

The storyline is amazing and so in-depth that you should take the time to get familiar with it before playing the MMORPG game. Basically, in a world where greed and strife took control divided its inhabitants into three factions called the Ashland, Evdar and Zan Korrel. The Ashland took control of the majority of the land. Evdar laid claim to the northwestern territories and the shores are controlled by the Zan Korrel.

The three fought among themselves for many years and then newcomers arrived that bought new technology to the land along with a time of peace. Unfortunately, after thirty years of working together the cultural and religious differences became intolerable and eventually a series of events greatly increased the taxes of the newcomers. This caused them to rebel and they overthrew the throne and placed Fusu (their leader) in charge. This began what was known as the Kirin Era and a massive war broke out between all the inhabitants of Elterra.

To add to the conflict a divine artifact called the Dimensional Gate was damaged. Elterra soon had a new force to deal with as strange beings started appearing all over the land. With so much destruction and heartache in the land of Elterra, many of the inhabitants could no longer deal with it any longer. They decided to travel through the Dimensional Gate to see what was on the other side. They believed that it had to be better than what they were living in now. It’s an amazing story that you have to be a part of to truly appreciate. Go ahead and try out Talkes of Fantasy MMORPG game today!


Tales of FantasyTales of FantasyTales of FantasyTales of FantasyTales of Fantasy
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